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CPV Manufacturing is a leading global valves and fittings manufacturer that proudly serves the industrial gas, petrochemical, and ship building industries. We’ve provided companies around the world with high-quality valves and fittings for all platforms, including liquid and gas services, for more than a century.
Our Valves and Fittings
We offer an extensive selection of valve and fittings for companies in the ship building, petrochemical, and industrial gas industries. Some of our products include:
  • O-SEAL® valves and fittings
  • G-Series® shutoff, needle, and check valves
  • FloMaster® air-operated shutoff valves
We’re a firm believer in quality over quantity, which is why we strive to create reliable products. So each of these products is designed to not only meet industry quality standards but industry emissions standards as well. This means our valves and fittings are safe and durable, and they help your systems perform more efficiently.
To learn more, view our selection of valves and fittings.
Valves and Fittings Technical Resources
CPV Manufacturing is also dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. So if you need help installing or maintaining our valves and fittings, you can check out our Technical Resources.
These detailed resources have all of the information you need to know about how to properly maintain your system’s valves and fittings.
Contact Us Today For Your Industrial Valves and Fittings Needs
If your business needs durable, safe, and efficient valves and fittings, CPV Manufacturing can help. Simply contact us for more information about which of our products is right for you.
About CPV Manufacturing, Valves and Fittings Manufacturer
CPV Manufacturing is a local company with roots in Philadelphia as a one-man business. Throughout the course of the century, CPV Manufacturing has grown to become the global valves and fittings manufacturing leader you see now.
Today, CPV Manufacturing is located in Kennett Square, PA, and still works to provide customers with the dependable valves and fittings they need. They have also helped to revolutionize the valve and manufacturing industry with the creation of their famous O-Seal product line, FloMaster air-operated shutoff valves, and advanced check valves.


503 Schoolhouse Road
Kennet Square, Pennsylvania 19348
United States of America

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