Anson Machine Works, Inc.



Anson Machine Works provides custom fabrication and general machining for metal products and manufactures valve automation mounting hardware. Our services include:




  • Sheet Metal and Plate Fabrication
  • CNC and General Machining
  • Certified Welding Processes
  • Complete Component and "Skid” Assembly
  • Mechanical and Chemical Material Certification per ASME Specification
  • NDE Material Certification
  • Prototype Design and Manufacturing
  • Short Run and Small Lot Production
  • Production Manufacturing



Our mission is to be our customer’s most dependable source of metal products; providing the highest level of service and quality workmanship achieved by the employment of knowledgeable, experienced trade craftsmen and support personnel.


Valve Automation Hardware

Anson Machine Works can be your single source supplier for all your valve automation and accessory mounting hardware. Anson Machine Works has the best reputation in the country for solving valve automation problems.

Anson Machine Works technical support staff is comprised of engineers, draftsmen proficient in CAD-CAM, quality assurance personnel supported by a valve, actuator and part library that currently exceeds 50,000 drawings.

Anson Machine Works has over 20 years of experience and has developed an efficient, cost effective manufacturing system uniquely designed for the valve automation hardware industry. 


Custom Fabrication

Anson Machine Works fabrication personnel are knowledgeable tradesmen with many years of experience in their respective fields. Over the years, Anson Machine Works has invested heavily in equipment, machinery and technology that allows these individuals to successfully apply their acquired skills. Versatility in personnel and process is at the core of Anson Machine Works’ success. Customers with larger production runs are accommodated as efficiently as customers with lower volume orders and prototype work.

To see the list of fabrication equipment available at Anson Machine, click here.

General Machining

At Anson Machine Works, fixturing, prototyping, and small runs as well as larger production runs are within the scope and capacity of our equipment. Our machining personnel are well-trained and experienced. Working in unison with our knowledgeable quality assurance department and technical support team assures that customer’s orders are produced to print in a timely and cost efficient manner.

To see the list of general machining equipment available at Anson Machine, click here.




Welding and Assembly

Anson Machine Works is a member in good standing with the American Welding Society. Due to the fact that the work performed by Anson Machine Works’ welding, finishing and assembly personnel is often highly visible, our employees take great pride in their work.

Machinery Capabilities


Welding Equipment
  • (5) MIG Welders
  • 400 Amp
  • (3) TIG or Stick Welders
  • 300 Amp
  • Spot Welder
  • 90 Amp
Welding Certification
  • Structural AWS D1.1


  • (2) Wet Paint Operations


P.O. Box 269
Peachland, North Carolina 28113
United States of America

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