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Babbitt Chainwheels manufactures a variety of manual actuators (Chainwheels). The Adjustable Chainwheel with Chain Guides operate valves in high, normally out-of –reach locations easily and economically. Chainwheels attach to the hand wheel of any size valve, ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter, allowing valves to be opened and closed from the floor.

The Babbitt Safety Wheel® dramatically reduces the potential hazard of a falling valve hand wheel to which a Babbitt Safety Wheel ® is attached. It provides the added security of a secondary attachment process in case the primary attachment method fails. Safety Cap Kits are available for retrofit applications.

Babbitt Steam Specialty Company was founded in 1907 in New Bedford, MA

The Babbitt Standard Chainwheel

Safety Wheel


Pocket Wheel

Solid-Hub Chainwheel

Epoxy-Coated Chainwheel


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United States of America

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