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DMIC is a US manufacturer of various hydraulic components and accessories. Our US factory brings together old world work ethic with the newest technologies culminating in a product line that is of the highest quality for today's discerning buyer. Whether you need a ball valve, check valve or other component for your high end power unit, be sure to check our website for the full line of products offered and rest assured that your project will contain the highest quality products available.

DMIC also services OEM with custom, application specific solutions from our talented in house engineering staff, from one to millions of pieces!





The Customer is King at DMIC

DMIC was founded on the premise that our customer has selected a quality product, and deserves the best service. This is manifested in your dealings with DMIC in three ways:

We will do everything possible to deliver your order on time. DMIC uses modern scheduling and collaboration tools and a proprietary real-time ERP layer to flow orders through production. Very frequently, orders are held for a day or two before shipment so as not to be early. If your requirements change, or you're in tight deadline quoting scenarios, there is a very good chance we can improve upon or meet your request.


The structured design and manufacturing environment at DMIC delivers consistent product performance, quality, and durability, time after time. On average, less than 1 in 100,000 products DMIC ships, comes back with a true manufacturing defect not traceable to an incorrect specification, misapplication, or wear caused by contamination. To ensure that subtle aspects of product operation remain consistent with every order you place, the entire factory is climate controlled. Additionally, DMIC performs in process quality checks at every operation and spot-checks component tolerances as often as 1 in 25 parts. In some cases, when specified, every completed assembly can be and is tested before shipment.


DMIC controls all specifications and every aspect of the manufacturing process except certain treatments (plating, etc). DMIC's vertical integration and complete capability set brings the reassurance that spares can always be made available, and that problem resolution does not depend on unknown or unreliable third parties. The probability of a third party affecting the delivery of DMIC products or the commitments that DMIC makes to you is either zero or very close to zero. You can supply DMIC products to your most exacting customers and know that they will be satisfied.
DMIC is American Owned and Operated


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United States of America

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