Delta Industrial(TM) valves


With a unique transverse seal, and mechanically retained gate seal with precision machined metal-to-metal back up seating, Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves guarantee zero leakage.

Many knife gate valves have serious limitations such as leakage to external environments during valve cycling and a non-cutting gate tip that pushes product into the gate seat.

Our Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves are different. Their construction provides a zero leakage guarantee due to their unique transverse seal and shear gate design. Combined with its highly-engineered seating arrangement, our range of knife gate valves provide exceptional pipeline isolation, proving them to be one of the highest performing valves in heavy duty applications.


Design features

• Bi-directional, zero-leakage shut-off.

• Packingless design. Transverse seal, no gate or stem packing.

• Enclosed body prevents leakage to the environment.

• Seal retained out of the flow stream and flush with the bottom port.

• Full port flow reduces pressure drop and turbulence, thus minimising wear.

• Fully guided, bevelled edge machined gate shears through obstructions in flowing media.

• Elastomer port seal is mechanically retained by machine groove with pinhole anchoring.

• No seat cavities where solids can collect and cause gate interference.

• Will operate under vacuum conditions.

• Top-works enclosed with tough LEXAN polycarbonate material with heavy duty lockout pin.

• Yoke design allows fitting for various designed actuators.

• Optional coatings, wear rings and overlays for tough slurry duties available.


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