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Doxsteel Fasteners’ mission is to consistently conceptualize and deliver safer, less expensive, and more scientifically sound bolts to the industry. Following ASTM B994 specifications, our carbon steel bolts are coated in a durable Nickel-Cobalt alloy specifically to resist seizing and stand up to corrosion. The coating’s low coefficient of friction makes the fastener easier to torque, helps prevent galling, and provides a consistent k-factor so maintenance teams can more easily apply the proper torque for the job. Each fastener can be traced to its production batch, which is constantly tested in the harshest lab conditions to help customers anticipate when thefastener will need replacing. Doxsteel Fasteners comply with API 20E specifications (add link to underlined text: and have demonstrable advantages over other bolts in the market, including 20x ROI, 21 years of fastener life expectancy with a 5 year no seize warranty, and ZERO hot bolting required.

Doxsteel Unique Features

Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Fasteners

Electro-deposited Nickel-Cobalt alloy is one of the materials promoted by NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, which is dedicated to bringing engineering advances used in outer space down to Earth for terrestrial applications. NiCo has also proven its mettle in subsea environments.

When we decided to search for a better way to coat fasteners, we started by determining a list of requirements. We wanted a coating that could stand up to torquing forces and temperatures and not flake, burn, or break out and compromise the bolt’s integrity. We wanted the surface to have a consistent low coefficient of friction so torquing would be easier. We wanted a coating that would give our bolts a longer life cycle to help streamline the delivery and assembly process for our clients. And, most important of all, we wanted a coating that would stand up to corrosion and resist seizing for a considerably longer time period than any other fasteners.

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