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EGC and The Valve Industry

A thorough understanding of flexible graphite is part of our core philosophy. It attracts some of the best engineering minds in the business and makes EGC truly unique. It’s having a focus on properties and capabilities and knowing its creep rate, clamping load, and its ability to seal long term despite increasing temperature. It’s the realization of material science and the knowledge and expertise we bring to every partnership.


EGC engineers are recognized worldwide as sure-handed problem solvers. What’s more, we can assemble a team of flexible graphite application experts in the same room on short notice. Typically, they will talk with the customer, investigate the possibilities, and – often – be well on the road to a solution after an hour or so. In fact, we may have already invented and perfected a composite that will meet your application requirements with little to no modification.

The Power to Seal

Flexible graphite and composite materials can play a pivotal role in high temperature sealing applications. It out-performs a metal pressure seal in high-cycle activity, ease of installation and removal, ability to seal numerous valve body and bonnet imperfections, and zero leakage performance 100% of the time. The VSG can be engineered, manufactured and shipped in just 48 hours. Using our Fast-Track expidite service, it ships the very same day.


The Quality Management System is an organizational plan that defines our operational methodology and establishes procedures that meet with the quality standards of the industries we serve. Most important, it’s a measurement of what we expect from our staff and our suppliers.

We communicate the importance of exceeding customer requirements. We set quality objectives for every product, program, and process, and we look for ways to make improvements to all facets of manufacturing. Finally, we provide all the necessary resources, enabling our people to be the best they can be. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001 with Design and AS 9100.


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