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Since1906, Everlasting Valve Company has been manufacturing rotating discvalves for various severe service applications. Everlasting Valve incorporated the uniquefeatures of flat rotating self-lapping sealing surfaces and self cleaning openbody into their Process Valves, Bulk Material Valves and Diverters. Every Everlasting valve is built using computerized and robotic equipment by trained technicians, assembled and tested in our ISO 9001 certified facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey USA

Everlasting Valve’scustomers stretch worldwide in various markets including Portland cement; coalfired power plants handling fly ash and bottom ash; petroleum production andrefining – FCC catalysts, coke; inorganic chemicals such as titanium dioxideand gypsum; chemicals, resins and catalysts; coal gasification and liquifaction;synfuels and many other areas where the handling of abrasive solids andslurries is critical.
The Everlasting flat rotating disc air cylinderactuated Bulk Material Valve or BMV (U.S. patent 5,396,919)wasdesigned for vacuum to 100 psig systems including dense and dilute phasepneumatic conveying systems for transporter fill valve, discharge, ventapplications, transfer lines, under baghouses, silos and dust collectors. Sizesrange from 2” through 14” including 5”; cast iron sizes 2” through 8” availablefrom stock. Two BMV Valves installedin a wye fitting becomes an effective diverter. 
Everlasting flat rotating disc Diverter Valves can be switched on thefly and be used for slurries and dry powders The Diverter Valve is available incast iron or fabricated of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or other alloys withmanual, air cylinder or electric actuation in sizes 4” through 14”. 
The Everlasting two-way flat rotating disc Process Valve is used in dry powders orslurries of erosive media. This valveis suitable for handling abrasive particulate in temperatures to 1500 F and pressures to 10,000 psig in sizes 1” through 18”. Air, spring return, hydraulic,positioned and electric actuators are available.                                                 


108 Somogyi Court
Plainfield, New Jersey 07080
United States of America

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