F. W. Webb Company



Since its founding in 1866, F.W.Webb Company has evolved into the largest regional wholesale distributor serving the Northeastern United States. F.W. Webb Company's Industrial business is a comprehensive network offering pipe, valves and fittings and industry expertise. This network extends throughout our territory, including New England, New York and Northern New Jersey.

Simply stated, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to serve our industrial customers. This philosophy has allowed F. W. Webb to develop a solid reputation throughout many markets, including power plants, pulp and paper mills, breweries, chemical processing plants, biotech & pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment, shipyards, food and beverage and others.



  • F.W. Webb Core Industrial Branches serve all your pipe, valve and fittings needs, with the biggest selection in the industry, the most extensive delivery capabilities and the expertise to help you solve problems and offer your customers the very best solutions.
  • F.W. Webb Specialty Divisions provide additional expertise and support in specific product areas. All our branches work in tandem with these Divisions, and representatives at our Divisions are always available to speak directly with you as well.
  • All F.W. Webb local branches can connect you with experts throughout our network who are trained to assist within your specific area or discipline.





37 Heywood Rd.
Winslow, Maine 04901
United States of America

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