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GEMÜ is a leading world-wide manufacturer of valves, measurement and control systems. In the space of five decades, GEMÜ has evolved into a globally active, independent company. With its product innovations and customized solutions, GEMÜ has made a crucial contribution to the development of process media control systems. 



From initial consultation, research & development, to the complete production process and to sales, service and maintenance, GEMÜ is committed to the pursuit of quality and excellence in the development, production and manufacturing of engineered diaphragm valves. GEMÜ strives to consistently provide a level of service exceeding the expectations of our customers. Every inquiry and order is carefully considered so the customer can be offered the most suitable GEMÜ products to match their requirements.

GEMÜ’s overriding philosophy is to ensure each and every customer contact is a quality experience.

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Instrumentation & Accessories


Flow Measurement

GEMÜ is known as the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling engineered diaphragm valves since the establishment of our German headquarters in the early 1960's. GEMÜ products are well known for their modular design, high performance, and superior quality. With the use of the most modern methods of organization, every inquiry and order is carefully considered so that the customer can be offered the most suitable GEMÜ product to match his/her requirements.

Company business

Valve, Measurement and Control systems


Leading manufacturer for important valve technology areas


More than 1400 worldwide


In more than 50 countries

Sales companies

22 subsidiaries worldwide

Production plants



Ingelfingen, Germany


In 1964 by Fritz Müller



3800 Camp Creek Pkwy
Bldg. 2600 Ste. 120
Atlanta, Georgia 30331
United States of America

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