Highland Foundry Ltd



Highland Foundry is one of North America's leading steel and stainless steel foundries. We supply excellent customer service and value, superior product quality, and strive to produce your custom castings with the shortest possible lead-time. 


Our success is built on:  

- A team of the most highly skilled and technically competent individuals in the foundry industry. 

- A management team dedicated to continuous improvement 

- A culture that embraces new methods and technology 

- A new generation of young professionals


We are privately held, financially sound, environmentally responsible and safety conscious. 


Highland Foundry has a reputation for providing world class, high quality casting integrity to all industries we service. 


At Highland Foundry, we cast over 140 alloys in the following categories: Super Duplex, Duplex, Super Austenitic, Austenitic, Nickel Base, Martensitic, Precipitation Hardening, Heat Resistant, Tool Steels, Carbon and Alloy Steels and Custom Alloys.


Our customer base consists of many of the world leaders and OEM's in their respective industries, providing critical application castings for Oil and Gas, LNG, Desalination, Power, Refining, Petrochemical, Mining and Pulp and Paper sectors.


Highland Foundry is one of only a few select foundries worldwide to be on "Approved Vendor Lists for Duplex and Super Duplex sand castings" for most major oil companies, i.e. ExxonMobil, BP and Shell.


Foundry Operation – Process


Total Manufacturing Area- 115,000 ft2 Maximum casting weight- 8000lbs Maximum pour weight- 13,500lbs

Capacity- 400 tons/month utilizing 7 Coreless Induction melting furnaces


SOLIDCast and FLOWCast are used for routine solidification modeling of production castings.


We maintain state of the art in-house metallurgical and sand test labs and four APl 6A Certified heat treat furnaces with agitated and controlled quench facilities.


Highland Foundry has an automated "Work cell" for in-house machining of destructive test specimens for tensile, charpy, micro and corrosion.


Inspection Capabilities - NDT

Our 15,000 ft2 inspection facility houses a 12,000-amp multi-directional wet fluorescent magnetic particle unit, plus 2 liquid penetrant work cells, one for large parts and a second cell for small to medium parts. Radiographic inspection using X-Ray, Cobalt, 6Me V Linear Accelerator and Digital (CR) Computed Radiographic Examination available.


Pattern Shop Capabilities-

Large envelope 3 and 5-axis CNC machines with the latest MasterCam and SolidWorks software working in wood, plastic, fiberglass/epoxy, EPS Styrofoam, foam tooling board and metal, including shell core boxes. 

Sand printed molds and cores from CAD files available as well as a Fortus 3D printer for rapid prototyping and a 3D laser scanner for reverse engineering.


Machining Capabilities- 

Rough or finish machining, dimensional analysis and pressure testing are performed by local subcontractors. White pickling, passivation and spray corrosion protection is also available.





Highland Foundry maintains a fully implemented quality ISO 9001 management system and meets European PED Accreditation for material suppliers, both audited through Lloyd's.


Highland Foundry complies with NORSOK M650 Edition 4 qualifications for North Sea requirements, (M630 Edition 5- MDS-S02, C02, C12, D46, D56 Rev 4 and Edition 6 R16 Rev 5).


Highland Foundry is a certified ABS Marine facility and holds a qualification as a Tier 1 Material Organization supplier of ferrous castings under CSA N285 Nuclear.


Highland Foundry are "Casting Technology Experts, specializing in Valve and Pump castings in High Alloy, Austenitic, Duplex and Super Duplex"


Highland Foundry is a contributing member of both SFSA, Steel Founders' of America and NACE, National Association of Corrosion Engineers and has been an Associate Member of VMA, Valve Manufacturers' of America since 2003.


9670 187th St.
Surrey, British Columbia V4N 3N6

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