Milwaukee Valve Company


The Milwaukee Valve Company was founded in Wisconsin in 1901 as a manufacturer of plumbing and heating valves. Over the years, the company expanded its offering to more than 8,000 items, used in a wide range of applications and industries, from very small plumbing valves used in residential basements, to large valves used in petrochemical refineries, and nearly every size and style of valve in between.

Because of our history and experience in a broad range of services, and our people, many with more than 25 years, Milwaukee Valve has developed a unique mix of capabilities unmatched in our industry by any competitor.

Truly an international organization in sales and in product and component sourcing, Milwaukee Valve applies stringent quality controls to the production of all material, whether made in our factories in Wisconsin, our wholly-owned operations in China, or one of many joint ventures found around the world.

Customers are provided with the best designs and the most economical valve solutions to their demanding specifications, which vary widely according to service and geography. This international capability is important in today’s world economy, and because we were a leader in the overseas production of valves and components, our systems are generally advanced ahead of most of our competitors.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities translate directly to our ability to deliver quality valve solutions. We have a well-staffed engineering department, has staffing in each of our factory operations to supervise not only the manufacturing, but also the design and the critical translation of the designs into manufactured items – a key process where other suppliers, without our experience, often fall short.

Our engineers are supported by state-of-the-art computer tools, from 3D designs using Solidworks, to finite element analysis (FEA) using COSMOS, to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using CF Design software, to automated data acquisition in our laboratories using Labview. We operate our own fire-test facility to maintain the most advanced fire-safe designs to the latest API and other standards. We translate 3D designs directly to tool paths both on our shop floor and in our pattern shop, supporting our in-house foundry operation as well as to our engineering and contracting customers, who use these models in their equipment and building designs.

Factory operations are supported by continual reinvestment in equipment and machine tools, enabling the maintenance of tight controls on our parts manufacturing. This translates to more predictable and successful performance of the final products, once they’re installed. A significant portion of our business is with the US Navy, directly and indirectly. As a result, the highest quality standards that our Navy requires are applied throughout our operations to everything we do. Because of our standing as an important supplier, the Navy has trusted us with several key hi-tech development programs for the newest generations of ships and aircraft carriers now being designed, further distinguishing us from our competitors.

All factory operations are certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 standard for design and manufacturing control. We support our customers in their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) endeavors, and internally we maintain the highest level of safety and environmental compliance to the latest ISO 14001 standards in all our factory operations.

Bring us your troublesome applications, and let one of our highly-experienced product managers review it and make an evaluation. We appreciate your interest, the opportunity to service your business, and the chance to demonstrate our capabilities to you – call us today at (262) 432-2800.



16550 West Stratton Drive
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151
United States of America

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