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Teadit® is recognized as a world leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative fluid sealing products used throughout various industrial markets including Refining, Chemical Process, and Power Generation.

Our engineering and technical expertise, coupled with our highly automated processes, skilled craftsmanship, and advanced quality systems, ensures that our customers will receive the best performing product on time, each and every time.

With plants operations worldwide, Teadit® is strategically located to service industry requirements with a broad range of sealing products.

In addition to quality innovative products, Teadit® also offers a wide array of value added services that are designed to enhance operating performance and increase reliability. These services include:

  • Gasket Bolt Torque Software
  • Gasket-N-GoTM On-Site Gasket Fabrication
  • Product and Best Maintenance Practice Trainin
  • Field Engineering and Technical Support
  • Plant Surveys
  • Electronic Data Management

Our mission is to supply to you, the customer, with more than just a product. We strive to be utilized and recognized as a company that is broad enough to meet your overall needs, but flexible enough to meet your demands.

Tealon is a restructured polyetrafluorethylene (rPTFE) gasket material designed for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processing plants. TF1580, 1590, and 1510 are Chlorine Institute approved per CI Pamphlet 95. For more information download


Our highly trained Product Development Engineers and Technicians use sophisticated equipment to develop new materials and products that offer practical solutions to the most difficult fluid sealing challenges."

The Teadit® lines offer the broadest range of products to the industrial fluid sealing industry worldwide.

The latest TEADIT packing, style 2236, is composed of layers of flexible graphite tape plied into compact strands. Each filament is reinforced with an Inconel* wire jacket. The strands are then square braided to form a dense yet malleable packing. Outwardly it is then impregnated with lubricating agents with reduced stem friction. For more information download


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