ValvTechnologies is the global leader in the design and manufacture of flow control devices. What matters most is our focus on helping you meet your challenges safely and efficiently. Whether those challenges are daily process problems that need to be met one valve at a time, or system-wide concerns demanding total flow control solutions, ValvTechnologies has built solutions proven to help customers like you.

ValvTechnologies is committed to providing the best solutions to ensure customer satisfaction, safety and reliability and improved process and performance. You’ll recognize the value of ValvTechnologies as a proven, dependable partner.


Fossil Power Nuclear Generation Upstream oil & gas Downstream & chemical processing
ValvTechnologies designs and manufactures valves specifically for the unique demands of power genera ValvTechnologies provides solutions for vent, drain, isolation and control applications in nuclear The ValvTechnologies design is a departure from traditional valves found in Oil & Gas Production Your Toughest Application – Solved. ValvTechnologies’ delivers the most extensive line of zero emiss
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Mining & Minerals Processing Pulp & Paper Petrochemical Specialty Products & Technologies
Mining and Minerals Processing is an area where critical valve failures can create expensive shut-do ValvTechnologies provides a range of products that offer unique solutions to isolation and control a Since 1987, ValvTechnologies has manufactured state-of-the-art integral metal-seated valves for the ValvTechnologies has developed several solutions and patented technologies – we have set the s
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ValvePerforamnce Testing

ValvTechnologies’ ValvPerformance Testing™ provides innovative solutions for efficiently maintaining valve populations and solving valve leakage problems.

Right now, given your industry’s economics, consider the cost and time savings potential of treating all your system’s valves like a "fleet.” Determine fleet economies. Generate fleet savings.

This is ValvPerformance Testing™, ValvTechnologies innovative cycle isolation measurement program. At last you can make a smart investment in the profitability of your operation by letting us provide superior services and product solutions backed by our specialized engineering and support staff, plus our worldwide network of representatives. No other company is so qualified to help you turn valves into bottom-line savings. A program implementation includes operational cost assessments useful for prioritizing valve repair and/or replacement undertakings during pre-outage and determining the success of the repair or replacement during post–outage. Gain better control of steam losses. Reduce the cost of fugitive emission. Every element of a ValvTechnologies’ ValvPerformance Testing™ is quantifiable: We report the numbers. Our results determine the cost of lost steam and return-on-investment calculations. We give you the building blocks of an in-depth history database for predictive replacement analysis. Not only are energy costs reduced, but maintenance cost reductions can be realized and shut-downs simplified. Ask us about our ValvPerformance Testing™ program savings for your "fleet.”



Metal Seated Ball Valves Trunnion Ball Valves Coking Valves
Longer Service Life. Longer valve service life (including superior resistance to abrasive stream flows) means lower repair-and-replacement costs and l Double Up on Safety. Trunnion mounted ValvTechnologies metal-seated ball valves put a premium on safety and usability. And there’s a reason they bear The delayed coker process is a batch process, one of the most hostile environments in the refinery – due to the abrasive and erosive properties of the
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Isotech® – PSG Valves Pressure Relief Systems Control Valves
Tthe culmination of years of practical design enhancements and eliminating the limitations of typically accepted norms in gate valve design. First Word in Protection. ValvTechnologies relief valves let you maintain control while supporting the additional ability to open at predetermined lev Power and Range. Every ValvTechnologies control valve is engineered, fabricated, tested and shipped to give you effective control – and the extra bene
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  ValvXpress® ValvTechnologies Specialty Products
  VALVXPRESS® – for customers who demand quick delivery of a zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications Exacting Performance on Call. What valve do you absolutely have to have? Work with ValvTechnologies to create, fabricate and deploy zero-leakage valve
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At Your Service.
ValvTechnologies is committed to helping our global network of customers maintain peak valve performance. ValvTechnologies has multiple certified service centers located around the world that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with valve installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and other maintenance that may be needed.


ValvTechnologies has aglobal service and repair network available 24/7 to meet your needs. Click here to locate an authorized service center in your area.


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