"Yellow Jacket" WeatherCaps


Our relief valve accessory makes 100% discharge side protection a practical reality.

Our Yellow Jacket WeatherCaps seal out rain, ice, snow, insects, birds, nests, sand, dust and salt spray and more. They are unconditionally guaranteed against environmental degradation for five (5) years.

Serving The United States, Australia & Canada.

We have distributors setup across the United States to serve you. International orders are also welcome.

Video and Detailed Installation Instructions.

In the Library, you can watch a video demonstration of a WeatherCap in action. The Library also contains important documents like the SDS and a step-by-step, detailed instruction guide for proper installation.

  • The best insurance against valve deterioration caused by all external elements, thus extending valve life and reducing overhaul expense.
  • Seals out rain, ice, snow, insects, birds, bird nests, sand, dust and salt spray.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed against environmental degradation for five (5) years.
  • PVC construction blended with ultraviolet inhibitors is non-toxic.
  • Produced in chrome yellow, which is highly visible for easy air or ground observation.
  • Chemically resistant, lead free, will not shrink or discolor, and is reusable.
  • "Yellow Jackets" will not support combustion and are self-extinguishing.
  • Slight interior pressure surge will remove cap from valve exhaust nipple.(see video)
  • The most severe weather conditions will not dislodge the Weather Cap.
  • Available to fit pipe sizes 0.5" through 24".
  • Additional specifications and installation instructions can be found in the Library.

When you are ready to start taking advantage of the benefits that Yellow Jacket WeatherCaps bring to your operation, please contact your local distributor, or contact us.


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